Day nine: Which Doctor Who alumni would you like to bring back? This could be either a character or an actor, your choice!

Sarah Jane Smith is my absolute favorite companion and I wish it was possible to bring her back.  She traveled with multiple doctors and k-9 and was even given her own show.  Even when watching the new series my favorite companions are always though that embody Sarah Jane’s sass like Donna and Amy.  Sarah Jane Smith was by far the best and she is missed.

Every Clara Oswald Episode: The Snowmen

There’s a man called The Doctor. He lives on a cloud in the sky. And all he does, all day every day, is to stop all the children in the world ever having bad dreams.

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This is the story of how I died.

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Maybe “forever” can be our “always”.

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Animated Doctor Who meets Tim Burton

Original Illustrations by Michael Kenny

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based on this

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